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African Dance

Report by School Journalists, Josh and Alden

“On Monday, each class had an African dancing lesson in the hall. The moves we learnt had lot of meaning and came from different parts of Africa. For example, one move was from South Africa and was used to warm hunters up when they were cold. There were move with your leg, your hips and your arms. There were wavey motions, with different parts and many more. We had an instructor; his name was Emmanuel. He was from Uganda. He was fun he taught us what the means of the moves we did. We found concentrating difficult because it was so exciting. Also remembering the moves and how to do them. Our favourite part was when he told us the meanings of the dances and where they came from.

We were able to ask questions. We asked, “how and why were we doing the moves?” and found out that some moves were to excite hunters when they go away.

We asked, “Do they do this everywhere in Africa?” and found out that different countries and tribes have different moves.  

Dancing was also extremely fun. Mainly we felt hot, sweaty and exhausted but it did make us feel happier, fitter and more knowledgeable about African dancing. “

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