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Duxford Imperial War Museum

Diamond Class Trip to Duxford.

Report by Josh and Alden

Diamond class set out for an adventure on an old military base which had stuff from World War I, World War II and modern day. We first went to hanger 3. In there they had planes of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. One of the planes had been shot down but it still worked and it could even take off. Then we became mini documentary makers. The coolest thing was that we all got to have a go, talking with mics, filming and using the clapperboard. Hanger 2 was where they were mending parts of planes. There were planes with entire fronts missing. The part we enjoined the most was the smiley face that one of the workers drew. It did kind of look weird seeing a plane with massive googley-eyes on the front. Then we walked to hanger 1 to eat lunch.  After that we split in 4 groups. We went on different planes including Concord and another that was used in World War II. We could see more planes hanging from the roof. There were information boards that had the name and details. There was a cargo plane filled with flour. At Hanger 4, we saw a plane that had dropped 400 bombs. It could drop 20 bombs at once. It was huge and there were other planes that had crazy patterns on. There was also a map of all the flights in the USA when the twin towers were destroyed.

One of the people in my group was telling facts after facts. He could not stop telling facts about war. He knew so much about war, I was amazed. Near the end of the trip, we thought one of the groups had got lost but we luckily found them. They were upstairs playing with some World War toys. 

We saw lots of stuff, learnt lots  and had a really fun day.

By Alden and Josh.