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Sports Day

On Wednesday 5th June, we held our whole school sports afternoon

This year we scheduled the Sports Day a little earlier in the term than usual in order to try and avoid very hot weather. We were very lucky and it was cool and dry. The afternoon started with children moving around a set of seven different activities in their year groups, for which they scored points for their Houses. They had long jump, bean bag throwing, football dribbling and shooting, hockey dribbling, hurdles and beanbag balancing. This required a range of skills as well as teamwork, effort and supporting each other. After that there were running races where groups of children from each class competed against each other. The parents were very supportive, and the children demonstrated a great deal of focus and resilience. The range of activities gave everyone something they could succeed at and enjoy, and the races enabled the children to demonstrate their more competitive natures. The Red House were delighted to be the overall points winners and the children ended a  great afternoon with a well-deserved ice lolly (provided by the PTA). Thank you to all of the parents who came to cheered the children on.

There are pictures Here