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  • We cover the National Curriculum programmes of study and outcomes.
  • We also cover the strands in “Education for a Connected World” which helps to ensure that Internet safety is integrated into our teaching and learning
  • Our plans cover a wide range of uses of technology.
  • Our plans Include links with other subjects in the curriculum to reinforce skills, knowledge and understanding and enhance learning.


  • Our curriculum has specific skills taught through the school and applies them through other curriculum areas. This reduces the subject specific time in the curriculum and allows a balance with other areas of learning over the year.


  • The strands are built upon from EYFS through KS1 to KS2
  • The skills are built upon from one year to the next with I can statements that break down the progression of knowledge skills and understanding  into year group specific targets for our mixed year classes.        


  • Knowledge is revisited and skills developed by repetition, reinforcement and application in  other curriculum areas and as pupils progress through the school.


  • A range of technology and teaching approaches can be used by teachers to deliver this curriculum giving them flexibility in ensuring all learners are included.
  • Apps and software can be used at different levels of independence and sophistication to ensure all can engage.
  • Older children in the class can support the younger and less confident in logging in and completing other tasks that they will be more familiar with.
  • Teachers  ensure that understanding of equality of opportunities is enhanced through the teaching and the interactions when using technology; this will include teaching pupils to appropriately challenge negative comments, expectations or stereotypes that they experience when using technology.


  • We have developed a two year rolling programme  to plan for the needs of mixed year classes. For each term there is a programme of study for each class, using a mixture of lessons and apps from the Purple Mash curriculum aas well as a  range of other apps and software.
  • We use mini-laptops, tablets  and other devices. Each class is equipped with an interactive Clever Touch whiteboard. Devices connect through the school’s Wi-Fi and secure network.
  • Each child has their own log-in and they can save work in their own or their class’s folder.
  • Some lessons are taught as specific computing lessons. These are timetabled and do not usually exceed an hour a week. Opportunities to use technology for a range of purposes utilises a cross curricular approach that are planned into the  2 year curriculum maps.


  • Teachers use formative assessment during teaching and learning and provide support as needed so that all children make expected progress.
  • The level each child is working at (whether in line with the majority of I can statements for their year group, below or above) will be recorded and input into the school’s tracking system twice a year (February half term in preparation for written parent reports and at the end of the academic year to provide the receiving teacher with up-to- date information.