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Diamond Class

Hello Everyone,

Well we’ve almost made it to the end of home learning! Here is the last lesson timetable for next week.

This Thursday is World Book Day. I have added a variety of activities that you may wish to complete as part of the day’s English. There are lots of suggestions to choose from and you do not need to complete all of them. You may wish to look ahead and see which ones would appeal to your child. Some of the suggestions involve live lessons with authors so do check the times and decide which ones you would like to join in with. Thursday’s art/D&T lesson also links to World Book Day and involves making scenery for a story of the children’s choice from a cardboard box so that they can retell the story using what they’ve made. You may wish to bear this in mind and save a box from your recycling this week. We would love to have as many of these brought into school on Monday 8th March so that we can display them. Alternatively, they could just use paper to make a backdrop or just the puppets for a puppet show. There are plenty more World Book Day activity suggestions online so do feel free to make it your own. I hope they all enjoy it!

Please do continue to upload work to the portfolios even though we are close to the end now (I was missing some work for the end of last week). Teams lessons are still at 1pm alongside the live English lessons too at 9.45am. I will be continuing the writing lessons for this book on our return so please do make sure that you joining in the lessons for this. 

Enjoy the rest of this sunny day and have a great week,

Mrs Cook

Mrs Cook