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Vision, Mission Statement and Aims


Our vision is for Spellbrook Primary School to be an inclusive learning community, where everyone strives for excellence within a Christian environment. 

Mission statement

Through consistently high quality teaching and support we will provide an ambitious curriculum which engages and inspires all pupils to achieve their full potential. 

  • To ensure everybody (children and adults) is valued and nurtured as members of the Spellbrook school family.
  • To keep the needs of all the children at the heart of everything we do, preparing them for ‘life in all its fullness’.
  • To love learning through exciting, creative opportunities.
  • To be proud of ourselves and each other for always being the best that we can be, recognising that we are all special in God’s eyes.
  • To be a happy, safe, caring, responsible and inclusive community, practising the Gospel values of love and respect for all.
  • To be welcoming and supportive to all as we develop a partnership with parents and carers based on approachability, honesty and thoughtful communication.To develop a school ethos that:
    • aims for the highest quality in all we do
    • is committed to Christian values and making choices that reflect those values including promoting equality and embracing diversity
    • recognises the value of effort, hard work and resilience
    • inspires us to love learning, rise to a challenge and be determined to do our best.
  • To provide a curriculum that:
    • prepares all children for their next stage in education
    • sets the foundations that enables them to take their place in the community and society as confident, responsible and capable individuals
    • is  broad and balanced, progressive, cumulative, enriched, inspirational and inclusive
    • encourages the development of attitudes and values that are a reflection of our Christian ethos, and an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith
    • builds cultural capital by deepening conceptual understanding and providing a range of opportunities and experiences;

  So that all of us: “Learn together - Enjoy together - Succeed together”