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Vision Statement

Our vision is for Spellbrook C of E Primary School to be at the heart of the community, providing a wealth of learning opportunities for our children, our families and our staff. To be recognised as a school that values individuality with a learning ethos where pupils and staff participate, excel and are proud of their achievements.  As a Church of England school, we aim to promote Christian values of love, care and consideration of others whilst at the same time promoting an awareness and tolerance of a variety of cultures and beliefs in the world around us.

Spellbrook allows everyone to participate by:

  • Providing a welcoming, safe, happy school where everyone is respected and listened to; a school where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements, enabling children to become confident and successful learners.
  • Striving to be at the centre of our local community and an integral part of today’s society.
  • Being a partner in the education of our pupils and working together so that everyone feels able to contribute and every voice can be heard.

Spellbrook encourages everyone to excel by:

  • Aiming for the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour in a stimulating environment.
  • Valuing independence, developing a deeper level of learning and providing a curriculum which enables our pupils to become active citizens of the future.

Spellbrook enables everyone to be proud of their achievements by:

  • Encouraging everyone to do their very best.
  • Building and developing upon individual strengths and talents.
  • Recognising and rewarding effort and progress
  • Developing a love of learning inspired by quality teaching.