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We aim to provide an ambitious  curriculum which engages and inspires all pupils to achieve their full potential.

It is our intent that the curriculum:

  • prepares all children for their next stage in education
  • sets the foundations that enables them to take their place in the community and society as confident, responsible and capable individuals
  • is  broad and balanced, progressive, cumulative, enriched, inspirational and inclusive
  • encourages the development of attitudes and values that are a reflection of our Christian ethos, and an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith
  • builds cultural capital by deepening conceptual understanding and providing a range of opportunities and experiences

More information about the subjects within our curriculum and the Intent, Implementation and Impact for each can be accessed by selecting the subjects on the right.

Curriculum Maps can be found by opening the sections below.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

All children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities  are given the opportunity to participate fully in the life of the school. We aim for all pupils to access the broad curriculum with activities and educational offsite visits differentiated to support children with all levels of ability, including those with sensory or physical difficulties. This will always be done through liaison and consultation with parents, carers and pupils, and with the appropriate specialist agency.

For more information about SEND click here

Outdoor Learning

We are committed to using the outdoor environment to enhance children’s learning experiences. We have a dedicated woodland area complete with a  learning hut. We also benefit from a pond on-site. Children undertake a variety of learning experiences outdoors from mathematics, to art, to science. We feel that learning in the outdoors really benefits our children in terms of their health and emotional well-being as well as their academic learning.

The Early Years…

We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. Our Nursery and Reception provides a high quality and well balanced curriculum where children have opportunities to learn though planned and purposeful play as well as to experience a wide variety of adult-led and child initiated activities. We build on children’s existing knowledge and experience by providing opportunities for progression, extension and challenge.

We believe that every child is unique and constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. We encourage children to learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

Our learning environments, both inside and outside, are enabling environments in which creativity, curiosity, independence, critical thinking and imagination are inspired. We understand the importance of a smooth transition from the Early Years to Key Stage 1 and this is aided by the year ones having some classes with the reception children and some with the year twos during the first half of the school year.

Children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates. Our provision covers the care of all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Early Years staff are passionate about making sure that every child’s early experiences of school are happy, active, exciting, fun and secure, and support individual development, care and learning needs.

The curriculum we follow is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) . Development Matters is the  non-statutory guidance material that supports practitioners in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS. These links provide the expected outcomes at different ages. 

Development Matters 30 to 50 months

Development Matters 40 to 60 months

Development Matters Early Learning Goals

The curriculum in our Nursery and Reception Class (Ruby Class) is designed to meet the requirements of the EYFS and to prepare children at the end of Reception to move into Key Stage 1. This is managed through the use of curriculum map. 

Ruby Class 2 Year Curriculum Map

Links to leaflets with additional information about Nursery and Reception are at the bottom of this page.

Key Stages 1 and 2…

As the children progress throughout school, they are taught the full range of National Curriculum subjects and benefit from many enriching experiences. When appropriate, subjects are taught discretely but often they are combined within  topics so that children gain a wider and deeper understanding.

Curriculum Maps

Due to our mixed age classes we follow a two year plan to ensure all areas of the curriculum are covered,  to avoid topic repetition and build progression into the learning for all subjects. These maps show the intended outcomes as well as the main areas of learning for each subject.

The curriculum maps for each class can be found here 

Key Stage 1 (Sapphire Class): Sapphire Class 2 Year Curriculum Map

Lower Key Stage 2 (Emerald Class): Emerald Class 2 Year Curriculum Map

Upper Key Stage 2 (Diamond Class): Diamond Class 2 Year Curriculum Map

National Frameworks